About Rayan Motors

Rayan Motors Engineering & Design Co., Rayan Motors, has been working on the Rayan Motors brand since 1994 in the field of manufacturing and supplying equipment for riding and riding automobiles and was registered in 1997 in the registration of companies.

The company and its directors are motivated and enthusiastic to achieve the highest levels of sales, service and warranty, education and research and development as well as experience with Bush Germany and other reputable European companies, South Korea, China, etc., Collaboration with all domestic and foreign automobile companies (Iran Khodro, Saipa, Kerman Motors, Iran stars (Benz), Arian Motors (Mitsubishi), Irvia (Toyota), Negin Car (Renault), Massive Car, Datac cars and ...) , Vocational and educational centers throughout the country, as well as sales to more than 7,000 customers inside and outside Iran, have been active over the years in their efforts to improve the quality of the repair industry. The passenger and commercial vehicles is removed.

Patents of Intelligent Automobile Detector, Wheels and Wheels in Iran, mass production and presentation to the consumer market, which were welcomed unprecedentedly, indicate the determination of the managers of this complex to achieve their clear goals. And the corner of the golden leaf is the precious experience of the company.

Effective measures have also been taken with the creation and use of after-sales service, warranty and training services to satisfy more and more customers.
Managers and personnel of the company, based on their valuable experiences in the course of many years of activity, always strive for sustainable development respecting the principles and techniques of management and engineering and the use of technology of the day, and considers itself part of the world market system. And intends to increase the scope of its activities, knowledge and skills through partners and national and transnational corporations in Iran and the region, and puts its flag on top of the peaks of success along with all the enthusiasts.


Years of experience


Satisfied customer

Business Partners:

WIGAM (Italy) BIEFFE (Italy)
ASTRA (Spain) IMPACT (South Korea)
MAXIMA (China) FOG (France)
MAD (Netherlands) VELYEN (Spain)
LTR (Germany) RABOTTI (Italy)

Products categorization:

Auto-service Mechanical
Washing and injector tester Aparaty
Color and equipment for auto-polishing Steering adjustment
Carwash Technical examination line, Fuel gauge, LED light adjustment
Electric and battery Charging cooler gas and leak detection
Special tools Troubleshooter


  • Between three top ranked sales, after sales services, training and R & D in the automotive repairing equipment market
  • The first choice of customers is to provide new, diverse and quality products and services
  • An increase of 20% on annual sales
  • Achieving the world-class quality of service delivery


Design and engineering company Rayan Motors, an active in the field of automotive repair equipment, based on the principles and ethics of the professional, the quality of products, the use of experienced human resources, experienced and familiar with the Iranian market, as well as their ability to engineer and innovate, is ready to provide services and products Across Iran and the region. Valuable customers can rely on the credibility and long-standing experience of this company and in partnership with reputable national and regional organizations, in all areas of sales, after-sales services and reassuring imagination.

Rayan Motors thinks about the future and development so that it can achieve its mission of leading the market.



  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Providing quality products and standards
  • Providing high quality services and warranties
  • Adhere to the best practices of management
  • Respect for continuing education and learning
  • The culture of team work with expert human capital and professionalism
  • Commitment to Society and the Economic Cycle
  • Using Keysen Thinking and EFQM

Some of our business partners

  • دستگاه های capelec
  • تجهیزات تعمیرگاهی Velyen
  • electromem
  • تجهیزات تعمیرگاهی Wigam
  • تمامی محصولات و اطلاعات Maxima
  • mad